26 June, 2006

SYDNEY: The Sun-Herald 25/6/06 p85

The article goes on to say:

A group of children in schools around Castlemaine are being taught chess and encouraged to provide brief comments on their thought process which produce moves.

Not only are chess-playing children being compared to their non-playing peers in areas such as numeracy, but the effect on patience and self-control within the chess-playing group might also be measured.

One observation a researcher has made in the early stages of the project is that many children are keen to play chess but regard instruction as redundant- an attitude natural for todays video game users who aquire skill solely by playing.

This attitude can only be overcome once the connection between chess success and useful advice is established- a link which will hopefully be carried over to other school subjects.

The Australian Council for Educational Research this month published an article on the project, the ambitions of which appear unlimited given the piece's sub-title 'Chess Generates Genius'.

Regardless of hyperbole, the project is certainly worthwhile since if chess is shown to be an activity which kids are happy to try and which even indirectly improves numeracy, it could become a useful tool in schools' arsenals

12 June, 2006

ACER interest

ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) showed some interest in our project and wanted an article. 2500 words later a nice little article features in their latest edition.
The full article outlines HOW the 'Generating Genius' principles were incorporated into program development.
If you would like a FREE copy of the magazine, add a comment to our blog and tell us who you are.
How easy is that?

If you want to read an on-line shorter version visit: http://www.acer.edu.au/publications/acerpress/teachermagazine
Click: Current issue > Maths,Science,Environment
And there it is!

05 June, 2006

Susan Polgar sends her regards.

Hello everyone! I was just told about this blog from Steve Carroll.

Australia is one of my all time favorite countries. I have so many wonderful memories there.

I wish you ALL the best and please feel free to visit my blog www.susanpolgar.blogspot.com. I will also put up a notice about your blog shortly.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar

For those who dont know, Susan Polgar is one of the worlds biggest names in chess, and the first women to 'hold her own' against elite male chess players in the world. (Hope I got that right Susan!)
Her blogs are fascinating. Some of her passions are bringing chess into the lives of youth, and introducing and promoting chess to girls.
She's a champion of chess, and a champion of youth!Her efforts to promote chess to young people are truly inspiring. If you get a chance visit her sites listed above.
I particularly like her motto when teaching children: 'Win with grace, lose with dignity.'
I feel a discussion about chess and gender brewing! Stay tuned.
Steve Carroll
And true to her word, our humble little blog is now listed on Susans Blog: