01 November, 2008

SEL- Social & Emotional Learning

Daniel Goleman's interview was recorded on December 10, 2007, at the CASEL Forum, an event in New York City that brought together seventy-five global leaders in education and related fields to raise awareness about social and emotional learning (SEL) and introduce important scientific findings related to SEL.
Goleman talks from a historic perspective examining studies that aimed to deal with a range of social learnings. Some programs worked and others didn't, so the study searched for common themes in the programs that worked. What they found was the programs that taught self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, sound decision making had overwhelmingly higher success rates.
It seems to me that when chess is taught in a whole class/whole curriculum approach that we have a forum that supports many of these types of learnings.
The video takes a little while to download......so be patient!

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