30 May, 2009

NAB's SCHOOLS FIRST- Celebrating school-community partnerships.

Chess Squared from Schools First on Vimeo.

Schools First is a fantastic new initiative that is about improving outcomes for young people.
At its heart, Schools First is about bringing together students, teachers, parents and community members, to support each other and help improve student outcomes.
The Chess Squared Program has been honoured to selected as a best-practice example being shown to 80 workshops around Australia.
With a prize pool of $5 million every year for three years, Schools First is the largest education corporate philanthropy in the history of Australia
The awards include up to 60 local awards of $50,000 each and up to eight state awards of $100,000 each. One outstanding national award recipient will receive between $500,000 - $1 million.
Schools First is brought to life by NAB in partnerships with Foundation for Young Australians and Australian Council for Educational Research.
A Chess-Squared story on The Age website can be found here.