16 March, 2006

Chess-Squared: March 2006

Chess-Squared: March 2006

Welcome to the first issue of Chess In Schools Program, CHESS-SQUARED, a partnership with The Castlemaine Chess Club, LaTrobe University, schools within the Mount Alexander Cluster, and funded by Innovations and Excellence.
The program aims to systematically introduce students to the game of chess and measure any benefits to numeracy or other areas of learning.
This newsletter aims to supplement lessons plans being developed that explore mathematical concepts gained by learning and playing regular chess.
But the program isn't just about learning chess.
It aims to:
A) Develop a team of teachers across a cluster working collaboratively on a classroom project
B) Use ICT as tool to deliver 5 lessons, and foster discussion and reflection about what is happening in our classrooms
C) Explore whether chess can improve numeracy outcomes by applying statistical analysis to groups across the cluster
D) Developing a notion of enhancing Community Capacity by introducing students and their families to a ‘not-for-profit’ community organisation.
E) Enhancing a performance and development culture by seeking mentorship from LaTrobe University School of Education
F) Explore the relationships of Chess In Schools Program, with Victorians Essential Learning Standards (VELS), and National Benchmarks in Numeracy.

Chess is a game first invented 1500 years ago. This program wraps it in 21st Century pedagogy.
The program was developed by Sam Grumont, Steve Carroll, and Harry Poulton. It’s success depends on your involvement, engagement, and feedback.


Leanne Preece Junior Campus Principal CSC said...

It is great to see more and more students and teachers becoming interested in chess at the Junior Campus of Castlemaine Secondary College thanks to Harry. Come lunchtime, students will be lined up ready to match their talents with each other or with a growing number of staff who are also enthusiasts. Whilst the trend has been for more boys to be involved we are beginning to see girls also take up the challenge. Thankyou Harry for your time and your patience.

Tony Forster said...

C) Explore whether chess can improve numeracy outcomes by applying statistical analysis to groups across the cluster

Can you give more information on how you would do this?

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