29 May, 2006

Dont look now......but we're getting bigger

Hi Steve, Sam and everyone,
Now that the 'Chess in Schools' program is going international with a sister school linking up with us in Japan, ICT is more important than ever.One thing I have not pushed as much as I would have liked thus far are the free chess websites. Here are some great URLs:
and check out ChessDryad.com. All these sites are worth a look at and they wont cost kids anything to use.
Regards Harry


Harry said...

Hi Steve, Sam and everyone;
Everything is going fine with the project. We have the students recording moves now and writing little reflections on the moves as they play, thinking, what they could have done and reflecting on their emoting, and we are focusing on impulse control at the moment. All the teachers are amazed at the students enthusiasm and their levels of engagement and the fun they experience. I think chess is a wonderful pedagogical tool for kids and big kids also.
Susan Polgar, one of the greats of women’s chess, along with her sister Judith says, “ Study after study has "shown that children who are exposed to the game are ahead of their peers who are not involved with the royal game. Chess is a wonderful tool to increase concentration, self-control, patience, imagination, creativity, logical thinking and many more important and useful life skills," she says.
Regards Harry

Sam Grumont said...

Yesterday at my middle years teachers meeting we discussed how the chess-squared project was going, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Teachers said that the kids were fired up and the tutors are enthusing them.

SusanPolgar said...

Hello everyone! I was just told about this blog from Steve Carroll.

Australia is one of my all time favorite countries. I have so many wonderful memories there.

I wish you ALL the best and please feel free to visit my blog www.susanpolgar.blogspot.com. I will also put up a notice about your blog shortly.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar

steve carroll said...

For those who dont know, Susan Polger is one of the worlds biggest names in chess, and the first women to 'hold her own' against elite male chess players in the world. (Hope I got that right Susan!)
Her blogs are fascinating. Some of her passions are bringing chess into the lives of youth, and introducing and promoting chess to girls.
She's a champion of chess, and a champion of youth!
I feel a discussion about chess and gender brewing! Stay tuned.

steve said...

And true to her word, our humble little blog is now listed on Susans Blog:

Anonymous said...

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