06 June, 2007


The Chess-Squared Project is honoured to be invited as a Keynote Presenter to the Chess In Schools and Communities International Conference held in Aberdeen Scotland in Aug/Sep 2007.

The University of Aberdeen's School of Education, Aberdeen City Council and Scottish Junior Chess, in alliance with a number of National Chess Federations,are hosting this international conference which will explore and share ideas emerging from recent academic and practitioner research, project evaluation and policy in the field of chess development in education.

The main aims of the conference will be to explore the particular contribution of chess play within the school and home environment to the development of thinking skills, health and well being and the creative imagination of children and young people.

There is an impressive and diverse range of Keynote Speakers covering a fascinating scope of topics related to chess and children’s learning and well-being.

Conference organisers seemed keen on a number of aspects of our project including, in particular, how we managed to mainstream chess within a maths curriculum.

Dr. Steve Tobias and Sam Grumont will be presenting a paper titled Chess: Just a game, or a powerful strategy for teaching mathematics, and I’ll be running a workshop titled Chess and Numeracy Benchmarks.Our next blog entry will publish our abstract and full details of the conference can be found here.

Its worth a look.


Richard said...

Congratulations on doing such a fine job. It's a credit to the work you do in a rural area to be invited to an international conference.

Keep up the good work.


SusanPolgar said...

Congratulations! See you in Scotland.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar

steve carroll said...

Thanks Susan. We're really excited.
Your support last year really helped our project. People involved felt they were involved in something 'BIG', which was good for morale across our whole community!
I'm no great chess player- but I enjoy developing projects that engage kids. This has been a lot of fun. See you in Scotland.