18 August, 2007

Counting Down......

The Chess-Squared contingent will this week be fine tuning it’s presentation for the Chess In Schools and Communities International Conference held at Aberdeen University Scotland on 27August- 2 September. Below are the 9 Keynote Presentations from a diverse and expert range of presenters:

Children’s Involvement in Education: Ethical Issues and Empowering Research Policy and Practice: Janet Shucksmith, Teesside University

What does Research into Expertise tell us about Chess Teaching and Coaching?: Ferdinand Gobet, Brunel University

 Chess and Education: the Re-creation of Learning School, Home and Community: Susan Polgar, Grandmaster and Director of SPICE at Texas Tech University & Ali Nihat Yazici, Turkish Chess Federation

 Development and Impact of Chess-in-the-Schools in New York City Public Schools: Marley Kaplan, Chess in the Schools, New York

 Children and Social Capital: Virginia Morrow, University of London

 Chess: Just a Game or a Powerful Teaching Strategy for Learning Mathematics: Dr Steve Tobias, (James Cook University, Townsville, Australia) Steve Carroll (Castlemaine Secondary College), Harry Poulton (Castlemaine Chess Club) and Sam Grumont (Castlemaine Innovations and Excellence School Cluster Coordinator)

 The Rewards of Self-Control and the Joys of Concentration: What Chess Might Teach us About Learning: Jonathan Rowson, British Chess Champion (2004 – 2006)

Children’s Health and Well Being: the Process of Mentoring and Coaching in Informal Education: Kate Philip, University of Aberdeen

 Using Chess in a Counseling/Mentoring Approach for Students : Fernando Moreno, Montgomery County Public Schools

Apart from the Keynote Presentations, there will 21 workshops presented on a range of topics related to chess and education from presenters from all around the world.

We will have highlights from the conference listed on our blog, while we're in Scotland.


Artichoke said...

The keynotes are tantalising - I wish I could be there to listen and learn - and I wish I was able to cheer wildly from the audience when you present. Have fun and keep us posted on the unexpected adventures you have along the way

Kezia said...

Hi my name Kezia and Name:Kezia Age: 8 Grade: 3
love Chess. Whenever Harry comes in Brianna and I run to him and ask if we can be the helpers!!!! And most of the time Harry says yes but sometimes he says no,but me and Brianna dont mind.I get a tiggle down my spine when we start to play chess. I think chess is a really good game to play when you get bored or when your waiting for something or someone. I thourght it would be boring when Mr. Blackmore said Harry would be coming in every Friday and telling us all about chess, But when Harry came in it was fun listening to Harry talk about chess... Chess first started in 2000 years ago in India. In chess when I win I cross my name out of the collem and I move up to another collem and verse another person in the same coalm as me. I use these opening moves: Open with a centre pamw, Delvelop with threats, Knights and Bishps, Dont move the same pices twice, Make a few pawn moves as posslble in the opening, Dont bring your Queen out to early ( because the player you are playing could take it), Castle as soon as posslble preferaboy on the Kings side. I like chess because it makes me think and concentrate. Chess problms are like maths problms I have to work them out they are hard but they challenge.